Take live lessons with your remote coach

Your coach is watching you in real time...

From anywhere in the world

...and giving you instant feedback in your headset

Courtesy of Pamfou Dressage

Take courses or train remotely without having to move in person


The rider films him/herself without a cameraman thanks to the PIXEM 2 robot.

on which his/her smartphone with the PIXEM CAMERA APP is mounted


The video is sent to the coach in real time

Thanks to the live lesson subscription, the rider sends the video live to his/her coach


The coach trains the rider as if standing right next to him/her

How does it work for riders?

The rider needs 4 things to make a video call in real time with his/her remote coach:

The rider receives the coach's comments by phone or through a CEECOACH

How does it work for coaches?

The coach trains his/her rider from anywhere

All he/she has to do is log into tv.movensee.com to see the rider live for free

when the rider initiates a video call, you receive a notification on tv.movensee.com allowing you to receive the video in real time

Simple, transparent pricing

Always know what you'll pay


The coach only needs a free account to be able to view his/her rider's live footage online


The rider needs a free account and a monthly or semi-annual subscription to be able to send his/her videos live

In agreement with the coach, the lessons will be paid independantly from this website, in addition to the livestreaming service mentionned here.

Live lesson Streaming Service subscription

Best option

6-months subscription

save up to 28%

US$/€ 209.40

US$/€ 149.90

Unlimited video calls for six months

No time limit

Stop the subscription at any time

Monthly subscription

US$/€ 34.90

Unlimited video calls for one month

No time limit

Stop the subscription at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the coach communicate with his student?

The coach calls on the mobile phone that the student is carrying with him/her.
Communication with smartphone

Second option

The coach uses the computer microphone or any external microphone connected to the computer. The voice is sent to the PIXEM CAMERA APP via the Internet.
The rider uses a CEECOACH DUO KIT and a connection cable to transmit the sound between the PIXEM CAMERA APP and his/her ear. Rider and coach communicate by phone.
Communication with CEECOACH

How is the video transmitted to the coach?

The video is sent live over the Internet. A wifi or 4G/5G connection must be available for the student. The coach must be able to connect to his/her account on tv.movensee.com

What kind of internet connection do you need for this to work well?

The rider must have access to a 4G/5G or Wi-Fi connection in the riding arena. To check the quality of the connection, the rider can initiate a video call via FaceTime or Skype and confirm if the video quality with the coach is satisfactory. If the internet connection works with Facetime or Skype, it will also work with the live lesson service.

The rider can also choose to store the video on the smartphone/tablet used for filming (the quality is usually better than the one received live by the coach). It can be used as any standard video: share with your coach and anybody else with websites for big files transfer, edit with any software, publish on social media etc.

What do I need to do live lessons?

The rider needs : The coach needs :

How can I find a remote coach?

You can now found a coach on our service Move'n Coach.

Can I use several phones with one robot and one live lesson subscription?

You can use several phones with one live lesson subscription as long as you connect to the account linked to the subscription on the PIXEM CAMERA app.
However one robot can only be used with one live lesson subscription.

Can I record my live lesson?

You definitely can!
To record your Live Lesson, you'll just need to press the watch button once the watch is on so that the green led on the watch goes steady. A steady green light indicates that the robot is recording.
Once you're done recording, just press the watch button briefly to have it back to blinking, meaning recording has stopped.
Press the watch button once again to turn the watch off.

Is my internet access sufficient for Live Lesson?

We recommend to have a minimum of 5 to 8 Mbps internet connection to use the Live Lesson service.
Don’t hesitate to test the internet connection in your arena by calling someone through a videoplatform and walking around the arena to see if you are satisfied with the image quality. You can also use this type of service.
Don’t forget that you can change the image quality in the settings of the PIXEM CAMERA app if you think that your connection is a bit low.
Check the user manual for more information on how to use to the live lesson service

user manual