Your coach is watching you in real time on
and giving you instant feedback in your headset

Take courses or train remotely without having to move in person

The rider is filmed by the PIXEM App

The rider is automatically filmed using the PIXEM auto-follow robot camera and the PIXEM application.

The video is sent to the coach in real time

Thanks to the live lesson subscription, the rider sends the video live to his coach

The coach trains the student as if he/she were standing next to him/her

First option:
The coach calls on the mobile phone that the student is carrying with him/her. Rider and coach communicate by phone

Second option:
The coach uses the computer microphone or any external microphone connected to the computer. The voice is sent to the PIXEM App via the Internet.
The rider uses a CEECOACH DUO KIT and a connection cable to transmit the sound between the PIXEM App and his/her ear. Rider and coach communicate by phone

The video is sent live over the Internet. A wifi or 4G connection must be available for the student. The coach must be able to connect to his/her account on

What kind of internet connection do you need for this to work well?
4G is OK, Wifi to a good box is OK, a bit less than that is also OK. The best thing to check is that you do a live video call with Skype or Facetime, if the coach likes the video quality, it will be the same with the PIXEM APP

The rider can also choose to store the video on the smartphone/tablet used for filming (the quality is usually better than the one received live by the coach). It can be used as any standard video: share with your coach and anybody else with websites for big files transfer, edit with any software, publish on social media etc.

The rider needs:

• a PIXEM robot
• a tripod
• a smartphone or CEECOACH DUO kit + a connexion cable for CEECOACH to talk with the coach.

• a smartphone/tablet with the free PIXEM App
• an Internet connexion on the smartphone/tablet (wifi, 4G)

a subscription to the live lesson service

• The coach needs:
• a free account on

You can now found a coach on our service Move'n Coach

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The rider needs 3 things to make a video call in real time with his/her remote coach:

1. The free PIXEM App for smartphone and tablet Get it on Apple Store Get it on play store
2. A free tv.movensee account
3. A live lesson subscription

The rider receives the coach's comments by phone or through a CEECOACH

Rider filmed by PIXEM App for live lesson


Rider filmed by PIXEM App for live lesson

The coach trains his student from anywhere.

All he/she has to do is log into to see the rider live for free.


Always know what you’ll pay

The coach only needs a free tv.movensee account to be able to view his/her student's live footage online.

The rider needs a free tv.movensee account and a monthly or semi-annual subscription to be able to send his/her videos live.

Monthly Subscription for unlimited use

US$/€ 34.90/m (tax excl.)

Unlimited video calls for one month
No time limit on duration
Stop the subscription at any time

6-month subscription for unlimited use

US$/€ 149.90 (tax excl.)
Billed every 6 months

Unlimited video calls for 6 month
No time limit on duration
Stop the subscription at any time


Consult the user manual for more information on how to use to the live lesson service